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Less is more

Published 6th May, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Less is more

Cleaning operatives working in a variety of sectors are finding they can use less chemicals and get better results, thanks to SYR. The company's Clear Solution range of detergents save money and time, while reducing water use, waste and pollution.

Among those seeing the benefits are contract cleaners Exclusive, which uses SYR Filtakleen across a major supermarket chain. Executive director, Debbie Lancaster, said: “We love Filtakleen; it keeps the mop clean and we don't have to keep filling the buckets. In large stores we had to change the bucket four or five times, now it does a 30,000 sq ft store in one. As a national contract cleaner we relish the opportunity to look at innovative ideas that can set us apart from the 'old school' cleaning processes.”

SYR's UK sales director, Gareth David, said: “You potentially only need to dose once a day as the bucket doesn't get saturated. Using Filtakleen costs just 12p per dose, per shift. In the average environment, other systems due to dirt saturation should have the water in the bucket changed every 30 minutes. That is a cost in terms of labour, chemical and water. Obviously there are also environmental benefits in cutting your use of chemicals and water.”

Every time a dirty mop is rinsed in a flocculating detergent such as Filtakleen, more than 75% of the dirt is separated out and drops to the bottom of the bucket within 45 seconds - so the water being used remains cleaner. The mop head is also cleaned each time it returns to the bucket so it can be used for longer.

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