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Leisure centre welcomes Leonardo

Published 26th August, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Leisure centre welcomes Leonardo

When Places for People wanted hand towel and toilet tissue dispensers for the £12.5 million development at the West Bromwich Leisure Centre, its brief to Des Soden of the Paramount/CJS Partnership, contained one make or break condition, the dispensers had to be shiny!

As a distributor, Soden has a well-established relationship with Leonardo, but even he didn't know if there was a shiny finish available for any of the Leonardo range. After contacting the company, he discovered that though no, there wasn't one available today, plans were in the pipeline to launch a range with a highly reflective silver finish. So the question was, when did he need it? The answer was that it was essential that at least a prototype had to be available for the all-important meeting scheduled in a couple of days time.

The Leonardo national sales team swung into action and near perfect working prototypes were flown into the UK and delivered to Soden, who raced up from Portsmouth in time for the meeting.

Already familiar with the key Leonardo attributes of ease of monitoring and maintenance, single sheet presentation to reduce usage and waste and standout cost in use figures, the new Leonardo Silver range was an immediate visual hit. Only one further (and previously unmentioned) test remained. The rugged construction of the dispensers was already acknowledged, but would the new Silver surface have what it takes to keep its good looks. These dispensers were to be sited in this brilliant new leisure development that is going to serve thousands of the West Bromwich public. In fact, such is the width of the appeal, some 600,000 visitors are expected annually. So those dispensers are going to be used a lot and on this occasion beauty really did have to be more than skin deep. In time honoured industry fashion a key was scraped over the surface. It didn't leave a mark, and Leonardo Silver dispensers were specified for the centre.

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