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Legionnaires danger highlighted

Published 14th July, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Legionnaires danger highlighted

Sheffield’s Gems Hygiene is urging businesses to keep air conditioning units clean, particularly during the recent hot weather, to stop the onset of Legionnaires’ disease. Gems is highlighting the importance of regular sanitisation of industrial cooling systems, which are a key breeding ground for the legionella bacteria.

Sarah Wade, Gems’ marketing manager, said: “During the summer months, many UK businesses rely heavily on air conditioning, which unfortunately has been associated with outbreaks of the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. People operating these systems have a legal obligation to prevent the risk of exposure by ensuring units are dosed with a biocide that prohibits the growth of the dangerous bacteria.”

Gems’ air conditioning cleaner, Gemsan, is specially formulated to eliminate Legionnaires’ disease. It contains two powerful biocides that are effective against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae, yet are safe to use on any material and are environmentally and user friendly. By simply diluting the solution with water, it can be sprayed or wiped onto the air conditioning components and flushed through the system.

Legionnaires’ disease is normally contracted by inhaling legionella bacteria in tiny droplets of water or the particles left once water has evaporated. The sediment, sludge, scale and other material that builds up in air conditioning units is thought to provide favourable conditions for the bacteria to grow. Regular cleaning and disinfection should be undertaken, along with a programme of monitoring, to demonstrate that a system is being operated safely.

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