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Laundry extract cleaning service launched on new website

Published 14th March, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Laundry extract cleaning service launched on new website

Swiftclean Building Services has launched a new dedicated laundry extract cleaning service to combat the hidden fire hazard of accumulated fibres, lint and dust particles in the extract systems of commercial washing and drying machines. Swiftclean has provided this service as part of its ventilation ductwork cleaning service, but is now adding a dedicated service to clean laundry extracts and clogged filters and to remove particles which can stray into the main ventilation system.

Sales director, Martin Hembling, said: “To prevent fires, organisations which handle large volumes of laundry must undertake regular preventative cleaning of laundry extracts to remove this fire hazard. These include laundry service providers, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation, and prisons.”

Swiftclean Building Services has launched a new website - - which allows property managers to check their compliance online and access information about their legal responsibilities and the compliance standards that their building must meet on the key areas of legionella control, kitchen extract fire safety cleaning, ventilation ductwork cleaning, fire damper testing and maintenance, local exhaust ventilation cleaning, and laundry extract cleaning. The website is designed guide property managers through a few simple steps to check their current compliance and informs them what they must do to achieve and sustain compliance. It equips them with vital information that they need to maintain a safer and healthier building.

Hembling continued: “Sadly, at present we get a number of requests for regular laundry extract cleaning after a fire has occurred, because people are not sufficiently aware of the danger, but it could affect your building’s insurance if you don’t take steps to combat this fire hazard. As laundries are quite labour intensive, this is also a key area for safeguarding employee safety.”

The new website also features Swiftclean Support, a dedicated online resource for property managers with expert sector by sector advice on compliance.

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