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Ladder Association launches advocate scheme

Published 31st May, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Ladder Association launches advocate scheme

A new campaign from the Ladder Association sets out to inform those who use or manage the use of ladders and stepladders in the workplace about the latest developments in ladder safety, best practice and standards. The association has created a special team of ‘ladder advocates’ - senior members of its executive committee - who are available to address national and regional meetings of trade and professional bodies whose members are regular ladder users.

“We have identified an information gap in the marketplace,” said Ladder Association chairman, Chris Ball. “Since the introduction of the Work at Height Regulations much has been said and written about ladders, especially in the popular press. Myths and misconceptions have been rife and this latest initiative is intended to put the record straight. With an estimated 2 million ladders and stepladders in daily use, the Advocate Scheme will showcase the indispensable contribution this invaluable piece of equipment is making in the workplace and, in addition, highlight its safe and proficient use through training and best practice. Above all, it will reinforce the association’s principal message that if it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely.”

Focusing on fact not fiction, the ‘non-commercial’ presentation covers a range of topics and includes a screening of the association’s latest Toolbox Talk. It can be tailored to suit particular audiences - for example, safety professionals, construction site supervisors, CDM specialists and facilities managers. Specific questions can be submitted in advance to ensure the subject matter is relevant to the audience.

Following an informal question and answer session at the end of each presentation, delegates receive a free copy of the association’s latest 12-page LadderBook and LadderCard information poster.

Available nationally, there is no charge for the Advocate Scheme. Interested organisations are simply asked to complete a short questionnaire in advance giving details of the event and the nature of their interest. In the first instance enquiries should be sent to Jill Couttie, communications officer at the Ladder Association: