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Keeping up appearances in winter

Published 12th March, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Keeping up appearances in winter

Wet, cold, dirty - that's the state of the street at this time of year. It means deep soiling to office and leisure area carpets that's more difficult to remove come the next scheduled extraction clean. If only there was a way of keeping carpets looking good a few weeks after a big clean and help reduce time and effort spent on the next one?

In fact, there are various interim maintenance methods available. One of those recommended at Surrey-based cleaning technology and solutions specialist Prochem Europe involves a polymer spray-and-brush process called 'encapsulation'.

"Without getting too scientific, the encapsulating spray basically carries out two functions," said managing director, Alan Tilley. "Its soil release agents detach all types of soil and other old residues from the carpet or fabric fibres by binding with them. Then, as the polymer-based solution dries, it hardens to a brittle, crystalline structure, encapsulating or trapping soil and residues in the dried particle. These hard crystals - not visible to the naked eye - can then be easily removed when the carpet is next vacuumed."

Being a low moisture method, encapsulation system drying times are considerably reduced with carpet dry in as little as 20 minutes. Prochem recommends Fibreclean for large areas with its new formulation and fresh 'ocean breeze' fragrance. To use, spray the diluted solution lightly over the carpet with a low pressure sprayer and then brush in with a pile brush or with the aid of a cylindrical brush machine. Fibreclean can also be used on hard-wearing upholstery, making it a particularly useful method of cleaning in transport environments such as trains and buses where quick drying is favoured.

Another effective soil-encapsulating spray cleaner for situations where an interim clean would be beneficial or where a low moisture method is needed is Procaps. WoolSafe-approved and specially designed to help prevent re-soiling, Procaps incorporates a high quality encapsulation cleaning formula with a new lemon and lime fragrance.

Tilley stressed that interim encapsulating maintenance solutions like these don't actually replace a deep extraction clean. But carry them out at suitable intervals between cleans and they will help to maintain a carpet's appearance, performance, and extend its working life.

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