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Keeping up appearances

Published 19th May, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Keeping up appearances

In these days of economic uncertainty high street retailers across the country are facing stiff competition for consumer’s hard earned pounds and attracting potential customers through their doors is a major concern. Of paramount importance is the need to ensure the appearance of their retail space reflects the quality of products and services offered and the cleanliness and maintenance of their flooring, whether hard or soft, is one of the first things noticed by visiting customers.

There are few high street retailers as well known or respected as Goldsmiths, Mappin and Webb and Watches of Switzerland, all part of the Aurum Group - the largest jewellery group in the UK - whose outlets grace high streets across the country. The group relies on companies such as Midlands-based Ecoclean Floor Care Ltd to ensure that their premises are looking their best, and that regular cleaning and maintenance of flooring, especially carpeted areas, does not disrupt daytime working/opening hours.

Scott Kempin from Eco Clean Carpet Care, a Host national carpet maintenance contractor, said: “We use the Host cleaning system at all our client’s premises across the UK, scheduled on a daytime maintenance plan over 11 months of the year - including the Aurum Group. The Woolsafe approved products complement the wool carpets, and as the system leaves carpet ready for immediate use, we can clean the store carpets before they open and, on occasions, whilst they are open, leaving carpets clean, fresh and completely dry, with minimal disruption. With the help of the Host system we are able to offer a ‘Rolls Royce’ cleaning experience to this high end jewellery retailer.”

Kempin continued: “The effectiveness and versatility of the Host system was perfectly demonstrated recently when the Newcastle branch of Mappin and Webb had a damaging ink spill on an expensive and recently installed wool carpet. By using the Host Freestyle machine we were able to make a huge impression on the stain leaving the carpet looking fit for purpose and saving the company £15,000 in saved replacement costs. We undertook this work late last year and have since been rewarded with a new three year contract starting.”

Brian Beard, property director at Aurum Holdings, said: “We are very pleased with the work and results Scott and Ecoclean Carpet Care achieve in all our stores across the UK, including the Mappin and Webb store in Newcastle which had an ink spillage to our new carpet. The results were fantastic and we were able to continue trading which is imperative in today’s economic climate. There was no downtime and the carpet was available for immediate use. The Host system used by Ecoclean is very effective and non-intrusive and we use the system on all our wool carpets in our Goldsmiths, Mappin and Webb and Watches of Switzerland stores.”

Mike Egerton, managing director of Host von Schrader UK Ltd, said: “A system that allows carpet to be cleaned quickly during the day is a vital component of any retailer’s cleaning regime and the Host dry extraction system allows carpet to be maintained and cleaned during the daytime just as easily as conventional night time cleaning regimes. The work carried out by Scott and his team for Aurum Holdings is typical of how the system works best in both maintaining carpet and problem solving when accidents occur.”

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