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Keeping track of hand hygiene compliance

Published 1st May, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Keeping track of hand hygiene compliance

DebMed, the hand hygiene and skin care solutions expert, has partnered with RFiD Discovery to combine breakthrough technologies, which will accurately record real-time hand hygiene moments across hospital wards. DebMed has teamed up with RFiD Discovery, the recognised brand for radio frequency identification solutions for the healthcare industry, to launch an RFID asset tracking solution that uniquely links with point of care dispensers. The solution incorporates a unique tag into the bracket that sits at the end of the bed, which is vital for performing point of care hand hygiene.

The technology is part of the DebMed Hand Hygiene Compliance System and will allow trusts to accurately report hand hygiene data, by recording the exact location of each event, even if a bed is moved to another part of the hospital.

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