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Keeping toilets cleaner, for longer

Published 23rd July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Keeping toilets cleaner, for longer

PHS Washrooms has launched a new product that tackles stains, bacteria and odour problems in WCs - all in one. Flush-active powers away hard water stains while reducing the occurrence of bacteria, leaving toilets fresh and sanitised. The unit houses a dissolvable gel block which, when placed in a cistern, gradually disperses with each flush. The cleaning solution released by the unit helps reduce the build-up of limescale and eliminates bacteria and viruses, while the red berry fragrance tackles any odour issues.

Flush-active targets the surface of the toilet bowl and more hard-to-reach areas with its foaming action, and lasts for up to three months.
Seasonal infections such as flu, colds and ‘bugs’ of all kinds can seriously disrupt a company’s business through days lost while employees are ill, so maintaining clean staff washrooms to guard against the spread of coughs and sniffles is crucial. PHS Washrooms is an expert in this field and provides a wide range of products to give washrooms the highest level of hygiene protection - including the brand new Flush-active.

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