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Keeping the Metro on track

Published 29th July, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Keeping the Metro on track

A live goat, abandoned mattresses and a kitchen sink are all included on an unusual list of items cleared from the Midland Metro this year alone. The curious inventory has been revealed by Cordant Cleaning, part of The Cordant Group, whose staff are tasked with clearing the tracks and surrounding area on a daily basis.

Cordant Cleaning has been preserving the cleanliness of the Midland Metro line on behalf of National Express since 2013. Each day, staff collect approximately 20 bags of general rubbish as they walk the 21-kilometre tram route that runs between Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Every week the team disposes of several mattresses and more than 20 syringes as they clear the remnants of numerous drug dens and homeless camps situated under the network's bridges, once the areas have been cleared by the British Transport Police. However, employees have also been forced to shoo away geese, turkeys and cockerels that have wandered on to the tracks, as well as removing discarded fridges, washing machines, TVs, and baths. Staff also revealed that they often find footballs that have sailed over the fence from West Bromwich Albion's nearby training ground.

Guy Pakenham, managing director of Cordant Cleaning, said: “Each day our specialist team carries out a vital job to ensure the Midland Metro tracks remain clear. It is unfortunate that so many people use the area as a dumping ground for their unwanted items, but we are dedicated to ensuring that the millions of passengers that use the network each year can enjoy a safe and uninterrupted journey.”

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