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Keeping kit in perfect condition

Published 1st February, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Keeping kit in perfect condition

The laundry at Brentford Football Club's training ground operates seven days a week throughout the 10-month season, catering for 120 players with three sets of kit each. Its old laundry was cramped and its machines were getting old, so the club decided to invest in a new state-of-the-art laundry. Girbau worked closely with the club on the design of the new laundry, conducting a site-survey of the converted brick-built former tractor-shed and recommending an installation design with a mix of machines to meet its needs.

“When it came to the installation, the whole process went smoothly and Girbau UK did exactly what they said they would,” said Bob Oteng of Brentford FC. “What is more, a week after we started using the new laundry they came back with some fine-tuned programmes for the machines. This has ensured they are precisely configured to our needs, especially in terms of the fabrics we are processing. I couldn't ask for better service.”

The new laundry has two Girbau HS-6013 (14kg capacity) high speed washers and a single HS-6008 (9kg capacity) machine. The popular HS-6008 model has been certified by US body Energy Star as being the most energy-saving washer on the market and all models in the 6-Series range have been approved by the Water Technology List, which offers UK tax-breaks to incentivise purchase of more water and energy-efficient laundry equipment.

For drying, Brentford chose Girbau's latest generation ED Series Ecodryers with two ED340 machines and a smaller ED260 model. These run off propane gas. Designed to be more energy efficient than any other conventional dryer, ED dryers also feature an accurate humidity control system that automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process for energy efficiency and textile care. This has proven particularly beneficial at Brentford FC, which had previously experienced some problems of shrinkage when drying polyester kit. Now, loads can be dry in as little as three minutes and shrinkage is no longer a problem.

“We are getting everything washed and dried much more quickly than before, which has made us more efficient and reduced the man-hours needed as well,” continued Oteng. “Typically a wash is taking just 30 minutes now. I would recommend Girbau to anyone in our industry. They manufacture their own machines, which gives me the confidence that they know them inside out and in four years of working with them, I can't fault the service we have received.”

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