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KC-P European factories awarded ISO 14001

Published 28th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

KC-P European factories awarded ISO 14001

Kimberly-Clark Professional has achieved ISO 14001 certification at each of its European manufacturing sites. Certification to the internationally accepted, independently audited standard demonstrates that the company has introduced an Environment Management System (EMS) within its tissue mills.

An EMS provides a framework for efficiently managing environmental responsibilities in a way that is integrated with an organisation’s operations. The key environmental responsibilities identified for KC-P operations include: energy use, air emissions, fresh water consumption, waste water discharge and solid waste generation. Within its EMS, the company will consider each of these aspects and develop controls to mitigate or control their impacts.

Lisa Morden, global sustainability manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional, said using an ISO 14001 accredited supplier offers companies peace of mind: “ISO 14001 requires that we understand and manage the environmental aspects of our operations, so our customers can feel confident the products they buy from us are manufactured at a facility with a culture of continual environmental improvement.”

KC-P has implemented ISO 14001 as part of its sustainability initiative, entitled ‘Reduce Today Respect Tomorrow’, which challenges the company to reduce its impact on the environment by examining the whole life cycle of its products, from source to disposal.

“Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow is the Kimberly-Clark Professional approach to sustainability,” continued Morden. “It begins with the understanding that the way we use resources today shapes the world of tomorrow. It has led us to focus on reducing consumption at every stage of the product life cycle - from design and manufacture to distribution and disposal. Reduction is the key to lowering the environmental impact of our activities as well as those of our customers. Implementing the ISO 14001 framework has helped us to understand the biggest source reduction opportunities at our factories while providing the systems and procedures to manage those opportunities.”

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