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KC-P donates $50,000 to UNICEF

Published 6th November, 2013 by Neil Nixon

KC-P donates $50,000 to UNICEF

Kimberly-Clark Professional has teamed up with children's charity UNICEF to launch a $50,000 Global Handwashing Day Challenge to raise awareness of hygiene-related health issues facing global communities.

For the second year running, Kimberly-Clark Professional and The Healthy Workplace Project is launching a 30 day challenge which will result in a $50,000 donation to the UNICEF project selected by participants.

Here's how it works: between October and November, participants can visit and pledge to be 'a handwashing champion'. They can then vote on which UNICEF hygiene and sanitation programme they think should receive the $50,000 donation.

The first project provides lifesaving water kits which are used in emergencies, the second provides clean and safe water to communities in need with water pumps. The third project is UNICEF's educational water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in eastern and southern Africa.

At the end of the challenge, Kimberly-Clark Professional and The Healthy Workplace Project will donate $50,000 to UNICEF in support of the project that received the most votes.

“We are grateful to Kimberly-Clark for its support of our efforts to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing and the need to improve hygiene and sanitation practices throughout the world,” said Deanna Helmig, vice president of corporate partnerships at the US Fund for UNICEF. “Washing hands with soap and water along with these other initiatives can save the lives of millions of children each year.”

Jonathan Purdy, go to market director for health and wellness, Kimberly-Clark Professional, said: “It made sense to link our UNICEF campaign to Global Handwashing Day on October 15th, given that it will be celebrated in more than 100 countries this year and focuses on the importance of washing hands with soap to stop the spread of germs. Enhancing health and hygiene efforts around the world is crucial to preventing the spread of illness and disease. Kimberly-Clark Professional and The Healthy Workplace Project are proud to partner with UNICEF to support Global Handwashing Day and its efforts to improve the health of children and families across the world.”

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