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Kärcher announces 'Thank Your Cleaner Day', supported by CSSA

Published 2nd October, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Kärcher announces 'Thank Your Cleaner Day', supported by CSSA

Thank Your Cleaner Day - a global campaign to recognise the hard work of cleaners and to let them know they are valued and appreciated within businesses - has been announced by Kärcher.

The event takes place on 17 October 2018 and is supported by the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA).

A spokesperson for Kärcher said: "We would love for you to join us in recognising the important work of cleaning staff throughout the UK, by working with your customers to help them come up with localised activity and initiatives to celebrate the work of these often unsung heroes...This day is a great opportunity to help your customers get to know their cleaners by name and let them know that their work doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s amazing what a simple 'hello', 'thank you', smile or handshake can do to make a difference to someone's day."

The aims of the initiative include:

  • To champion universal appreciation for the cleaning operative and the valuable work they do.
  • To begin a culture of change for the industry.
  • For cleaning to be seen as a value centre, not just a cost centre for businesses.
  • To improve the status and understanding of the industry’s professionalism.
  • To positively represent the cleaning industry in the media.
  • To provide brand exposure for your organisation and its members through a positive and engaging campaign.

The organiser's anticipate that each company that engages will own and drive the campaign, communicating the information to customers and encouraging them to implement activity at local level. Kärcher will provide an artwork tool kit including design assets to help you and your customers get started.

The Thank Your Cleaner Day website - - will include information about the campaign along with partner logos. Kärcher will support your activity via its own social media channels and will feature your organisation and activity in any collaborative media where possible.

To nominate your cleaner all you need to do is visit: and explain why they deserve special recognition. They could win a 5* overnight trip to London.

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