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JohnsonDiversey announces new name and brand identity

Published 25th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

JohnsonDiversey announces new name and brand identity

JohnsonDiversey, Inc. and JohnsonDiversey Holdings, Inc. have announced that the board of directors of both entities has approved a change of their corporate names. JohnsonDiversey, Inc. is changing its name to Diversey, Inc. and JohnsonDiversey Holdings, Inc. is changing its name to Diversey Holdings, Inc., both effective immediately. The corporation’s operating companies are also changing their legal names to reference Diversey. Concurrent with the name change, Diversey, Inc. is adopting a new corporate identity, branding and tagline, ‘for a cleaner, healthier future’.

“Today represents an important milestone in the history of our company,” said S. Curtis Johnson, Diversey’s chairman. “Our new identity and tagline captures our people’s passion for helping to make our world cleaner, healthier and safer for future generations.”

Diversey president and CEO, Ed Lonergan, added: “Simplifying our name to Diversey and adopting a meaningful, unified global brand image derives from our commitment to provide our customers and their employees with superior and sustainable cleaning, sanitising and hygiene solutions. Our new brand strengthens our ability to communicate the benefits of our high quality products and services.”

The corporation’s new name and brand are captured in a new logo that includes the Diversey name and a stylized water lily - a reflection of the company’s heritage of environmental leadership. The bright, clean and contemporary qualities of the new mark connote the spirit of the brand. In selected applications, the logo appears with the new tagline ‘for a cleaner, healthier future’, further strengthening the message of the company’s purpose. The new logo and tagline are two elements of a broader rebranding of the organization that will touch every piece of communication worldwide.

Diversey’s new identity, branding and tagline will be introduced in a phased approach over the next two years.

The Diversey name extends back to 1923, with the formation of Diversey Corporation in Chicago. It eventually became known as DiverseyLever, and, in 2002, Johnson Wax Professional acquired the company from Unilever NV. The combined company was known as JohnsonDiversey, Inc. until this latest name change.

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