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Jangro training package

Published 18th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Jangro training package

Most of us are well aware of the risks involved in putting potentially hazardous cleaning materials and equipment in the hands of untrained personnel. Even with the increasing amount of environmentally aware products, there remain far too many accidents with chemicals, electrical equipment and lack of awareness of health and safety procedures.

Jangro offers a range of customer training packages including a DVD, training manuals, video and PowerPoint presentations, training courses, wall charts and certificates for successful candidates.

Joanne Gilliard, operations director of Jangro, said: “Our training package helps operatives to work safely and efficiently making best use of materials and equipment supplied. Knowing the right products for each cleaning task and the correct dilutions is important but we also promote approved techniques in a regime that meets the health and safety requirements. A well trained workforce will increase staff safety, raise morale and increase cost effectiveness.”

Individual training modules on the Jangro DVD include an introduction to cleaning, bio-hazards, colour coding, floor and carpet care, health and safety, use of equipment, kitchen and washroom hygiene, ph scale and cleaning agents.

Jangro training includes COSHH data sheets, risk assessments, literature on safe working procedures, product usage guides and guidance wall charts.

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