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ISSA releases first science-based clean standard for K-12

Published 13th December, 2013 by Neil Nixon

ISSA releases first science-based clean standard for K-12

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has released a new standard industry professionals can use when working in or with K-12 schools to promote a cleaner and healthier indoor environment to benefit children's learning experiences. The ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 establishes steps for objectively assessing the effectiveness of cleaning processes in an educational facility. Additional versions of the standard for other facility types will be available in 2014.

“ISSA is pleased to launch yet another tool that supports our overall goal of changing the way the world views cleaning,” said ISSA executive director, John Garfinkel. “In the face of difficult budget cuts and a misunderstanding of the importance cleaning has in the success of student education, our members and the schools they work with can use science to help make the case for proper cleaning.”

Based on the philosophy of 'clean, measure, monitor', and with an emphasis on high-performance cleaning, the Clean Standard: K-12 focuses on: the desired levels of cleanliness that can reasonably be achieved; recommended monitoring and inspection procedures to measure the effectiveness of cleaning; and how to use the measurement and inspection results to assess and improve cleaning processes and products, ultimately resulting in a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment.

Assessing cleaning effectiveness can help improve the process and ensure that the desired level of cleanliness is achieved and maintained at school facilities. This is especially important in light of the growing body of evidence that concludes that improved hygiene in schools results in reduced illnesses and reduced absenteeism.

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