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ISSA and BBS clean up management standards

Published 29th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

ISSA and BBS clean up management standards

The cleaning industry is one step closer to embracing the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS), with the first Industry Certification Experts (ICE) workshop for professionals in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland recently held in Northampton.

25 industry cleaning professionals attended the workshop, run by ISSA and BICS Business Services (BBS). Those who go on to successfully pass the subsequent examination will become Industry Certification Experts (ICE) and be positioned to help their customers or own companies prepare for CIMS certification.

Driven by ISSA and BBS, CIMS is a consensus-based management standard formed on principles that are universally considered to be the hallmarks of successful cleaning organisations.

“We are thrilled with the success of the first workshop and positive feedback from those who attended,” said Keith Baker, director of EMEA Services at ISSA. “It was great to witness such a thirst for knowledge from participants, who included professionals from manufacturing, distributing, training and consultancy backgrounds. These workshop attendees are now armed with the tools they need to provide their clients or own companies with real-life solutions to an ever-changing set of business challenges and help them achieve CIMS certification.”

Certification to CIMS provides a way for contract cleaning companies to set themselves apart from competitors, through demonstrating a commitment to delivering quality to their clients and the industry.
“CIMS certification will certainly be a way of taking our business to a new level,” said Melanie Richardson, senior project manager, Vinci Facilities, who attended the workshop. “To be certified to an accredited standard based on a trusted framework will give our clients an added element of assurance. They will know they're getting exactly what they pay for from day one, with no surprises.”