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ISO14001 for bpi.recycled products

Published 26th February, 2010 by Neil Nixon

ISO14001 for bpi.recycled products

The green commitment of a leading supplier to the cleaning, facilities management, healthcare and local authority sectors has been recognised with ISO14001:2004 accreditation. bpi.recycled products, which manufactures refuse, recycling, clinical waste and other similar sacks, received the certification for operations at its Stroud, Gloucestershire facility.

Often seen as the cornerstone of the ISO14000 series of accreditations and certainly the best known, ISO14001 is only awarded to those organisations who can demonstrate effective environmental management systems. It acts as a green benchmark, assuring an organisation’s customers, stakeholders, employees and neighbours of its commitment to minimising its environmental impact and of its desire to continually improve its environmental performance.

bpi.recycled products’ Stroud facility is just one of a number operated by the business across the UK. Through this nationwide network of sites, all of which already benefit from full Environment Agency accreditation, bpi.recycled products reprocesses over 70,000 tonnes of waste polythene each year - making it the largest recycler of waste polythene in Europe.

This waste comes from a wide variety of sources and includes materials that might otherwise be destined for landfill, such as scrap packaging and used agricultural films. bpi.recycled products uses this waste to create new products like its refuse sack range as well as building materials and recycled plastic furniture and landscaping products.

In addition, and in marked contrast to most recycling activity which actually takes place abroad, particularly in the Far East, bpi.recycled products is committed to only reprocessing UK waste at UK facilities. This ensures its products not only play an important part in diverting waste from landfill but that they also offer the green advantage of lower product miles and a smaller carbon footprint.

Mike Tyrer, site director at bpi.recycled products’ Stroud site, said: “bpi.recycled products has long been committed to working in an environmentally sensitive way and to manufacturing products with impressive green credentials. Achieving ISO14001 serves as irrefutable proof of that fact and as testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. Understandably, everyone at bpi.recycled products’ Stroud site is immensely proud to have been awarded this important environmental accreditation.”

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