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Ionic's Swift Pole wins Windex award

Published 13th May, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Ionic's Swift Pole wins Windex award

Ionic Systems, manufacturer of the Reach & Wash System, won the innovation award at the Windex exhibition for its new Swift waterfed pole range. The Swift pole, which has been two years in development, was specifically designed to more closely meet the recommendations of the UK Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) in its report on the ergonomics of pole use. That HSL report recommended that waterfed poles should be as light as possible, as rigid as possible, and with the smallest handle diameter possible. The Swift is claimed to set new standards in all of these areas.

The Swift range is approximately 31% lighter than the Ergolite range, which it will replace. It is also approximately 5mm narrower, making the Swift very comfortable to hold. Many of the benefits of this pole are possible thanks to Ionic's new Transverse clamp system, like the shorter length of the sections.

Ionic's managing director, Reuben Reynolds, said: "The new Swift range is already proving very popular. The new clamps allow the sections to be shorter, lighter and narrower, making the Swift easier to use and easier to stow. A higher grade of carbon fibre was used which meant that the sections could have tighter tolerances. The result is a very stiff pole that is substantially lighter and narrower. Because the pole was developed in line with the HSL recommendations, the risk of strains or even injury is much lower. But the benefits window cleaners will see are faster working times, less effort needed and much greater ease of use. The Transverse clamps are designed to be easy to use by both those who are left and right-handed. They also have a wider clamping area, so that the sections are held more evenly and firmly, making the pole more rigid overall. The smaller size not only reduces the weight, but also allows the pole to be shorter when collapsed."

The Swift pole is currently available in three sizes: 35ft, 45ft and 65ft.

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