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Ionic's Swift pole becomes best seller

Published 28th July, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Ionic's Swift pole becomes best seller

Ionic Systems, manufacturer of the Reach & Wash System, has announced that its new Swift pole has become its fastest selling pole ever.

The Swift range, which comprises carbon-fibre poles reaching 35, 45 and 65 feet, was launched at this year’s WindeX exhibition, where it won the innovation award in the window cleaning category.

Ionic’s managing director, Reuben Reynolds, said: “The Swift pole range represents nearly two years of development by Ionic Systems, and incorporates several innovations that make it the most advanced pole available. After so much hard work, we were very pleased to have won the innovation award. But of course, the true test of any new product is what the users think. It’s unparalleled popularity, which has risen steadily over the last four months, shows clearly that window cleaners have given it their approval.”

Developed using advanced materials engineering, the Swift range features the lightest and most rigid poles Ionic has ever produced. With a close eye on ease of use and speed of working, they are also extremely narrow, making them comfortable to grip for prolonged periods.

The Swift range also incorporates Ionic’s revolutionary transverse clamp system, which further reduces weight and is easier to use than conventional clamps. Crucially though, the use of transverse clamps and nested sections allows the poles to have a very short collapsed length, again making them easier to use, faster to extend and simpler to stow and transport.

“We designed the Swift range to be the most versatile, easy to use and robust waterfed poles available, and I believe that we have achieved this,” continued Reynolds. “As the market leader, customers look to us to continually push the boundaries in developing new products, and I believe that the Swift range are simply the best waterfed poles available today.”

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