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Introducing CleanSeal

Published 17th October, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Introducing CleanSeal

Recognising that many carpets and rugs sold today are made from synthetic fibres, WoolSafe has introduced a new certification – CleanSeal - a testing and accreditation programme for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets and rugs and other interior textiles, made from synthetic fibres. CleanSeal is available worldwide to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments, and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets and rugs.

Amongst the first companies to receive accreditation in the UK is Host von Schrader. Managing director, Mike Egerton, said: “The WoolSafe Organisation is a resource for information and advice about carpet and rug care and is in continuous dialogue with carpet owners, carpet suppliers and the providers of carpet care products. The Host cleaning products range has been WoolSafe approved since its inception in 1991 and has been a sign to our customers that our products have been independently tested against stringent international criteria and found to be safe and effective to use on wool carpets and rugs. The new CleanSeal accreditation will be just as important for us in demonstrating our willingness for our products to be measured against stringent standards. Meeting CleanSeal performance criteria means that these products also meet the efficacy requirements under current environmental and sustainability standards that are now so important to customers and manufacturers across the UK and Europe”.

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