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International cleaning study gives cause for concern

Published 20th July, 2010 by Neil Nixon

International cleaning study gives cause for concern

Results of a recent international cleaning study, conducted across eight countries by the Hygiene Council, have given rise for concern.

The survey showed that kitchen areas are dirtier than bathrooms when it comes to bacterial contamination. More than half (52%) of taps tested were unsatisfactory compared to only 15% of toilet flush handles. In reality, taps within kitchen areas are much more likely to be the home of E. Coli and other harmful bacteria.

Tests confirm that just because something looks clean does not mean that it is. Toilet flush handles are considered to be high risk and are therefore cleaned more effectively.

Commercial environments often do not get the attention that would be paid in the home arena. Desks have been proven to carry far more germs than a toilet seat with employees going on to touch door handles, office equipment and telephones.

The kitchen dish cloth is another major risk factor with the majority of people only rinsing it in standard detergent and not disinfectant. The reality is that bacteria love a warm, wet environment in which to breed.

Micro-organisms present a health and safety risk for us all, and under the right conditions microbes can double in number every 15 to 20 minutes. Cases of food poisoning are known to have doubled in the decade 1987 to 1997 having a significant impact on absenteeism in the workplace.

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