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Integrated set of washroom dispensers launched

Published 18th October, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Integrated set of washroom dispensers launched

The introduction of an integrated set of washroom dispensers has come after a worldwide search for products that were well engineered and would minimise the use of paper. Throughout the new range - introduced by Freedom First Hygiene - well designed products offer savings, but without a high initial cost.

Freedom First Hygiene is the UK sole supplier of this integrated set of towel, toilet tissue and soap dispensers and each dispenser type is available in both transparent and chrome.

Freedom First Hygiene's Paul Guy said: “Our integrated range has been engineered to keep cost in use to a minimum. Our towel and toilet tissue dispensers truly offer single sheet at a time dispensing, which is ideal for service providers, showing real cost savings for your end users. Extremely hygienic, only touch the sheet that you use, and no more clutching or wasting up to six sheets at a time.”

Freedom First Hygiene is looking primarily for service companies or similar to become distributors. For more information please contact Paul Guy on 07709 358606.

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