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Instructional videos now online

Published 14th February, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Instructional videos now online

Cromwell Polythene has produced a series of instructional videos, now available to view on the company’s YouTube channel.

Each less than two minutes long, the videos include ‘How to calculate the specification for your refuse sack’, ‘How to calculate the correct size liner for a square or rectangular bin’, ‘How to calculate the correct size liner for a circular bin’, and ‘How to perform a drop test in accordance with the CHSA Plastic Refuse Sack Manufacturing Standard’.

“Refuse sacks are not the most complicated things in the world,” said Cromwell’s managing director, James Lee. “Nevertheless, knowing how to draw up a technical specification can be extremely useful when seeking like-for-like alternatives in such a fluid marketplace. Bins come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to use liners which fit properly.

A liner which is too small may fail to do its job, while a liner which is too large wastes valuable resources. It is with these issues in mind that we have produced these three videos, which we hope our customers will put to good use.”

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