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Independent review supports laundry claims

Published 31st December, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Independent review supports laundry claims

According to Xeros, a review of its polymer bead cleaning technology undertaken by independent laundry industry experts, LTC, has demonstrated financial savings for commercial laundries.

The review compared conventional laundry processes with the Xeros polymer bead cleaning technology for reclaim, where polymer beads are used in the washing process with water, to remove ingrained staining, mould, mildew, and some black marks.

Comparing the linen recovery rate (the percentage of stained linen that can be washed and put back into stock) of Xeros versus the traditional aqueous process, the rate was 35.1% for Xeros versus 22.6% for the traditional process. The Xeros linen recovery process enables launderers to discard less linen (the 'rag rate') whilst also reducing chemical damage for improved linen longevity.

LTC director, Steve Anderton, said: “As the basis for our review we used a commercial laundry business model with a rag rate of 250,000 pieces of linen per year, with 70% of that due to staining. This equates to a cost of over £500,000 a year. Under this business model we have calculated a possible saving of over £70,000 per year, but for an installation dedicated to duvet cover reclaim, for example, savings of over £100,000 a year are achievable.”

Tony Kerr, European sales and marketing director at Xeros Technology Group, said: “This independent review by a well-respected industry body clearly demonstrates the savings that are possible by using Xeros technology compared to traditional aqueous laundry methods, with far superior cleaning results. Factor in lower running costs and longer lasting linen and the savings multiply even more - well worth having in today's competitive environment.”

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