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Improving washroom experiences at the Hut

Published 18th December, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Improving washroom experiences at the Hut

Derby-based HSG UK, a leader in washroom water conservation and services, has successfully completed a major contract to improve the washroom experience for customers at 250 Pizza Hut restaurants across the UK. HSG UK has carried out the phased work in line with Pizza Hut’s washroom refurbishment programme.

The company has installed its Uretech water management system and Ureco urinal sleeves in customer washrooms over the past three years, finishing recently with the Pizza Hut restaurant at the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds.

The Ureco stops smells by trapping urinal odours below the surface and reduces blockages through a patented enzyme system which breaks down the fat, acid and salt in urine. This enables the Uretech to reduce urinal flushes from around 96 times to four times a day - saving money by reducing water consumption by up to 96%.

HSG UK’s managing director, Simon Rice, said: “Our installation and servicing teams have been working at Pizza Hut restaurants from Scotland down to the south west and the contract has now been successfully completed on time and to budget. It is a well-known fact that customers often judge the cleanliness of the kitchens by the state of the washrooms. Therefore, as well as the cost savings in water consumption and cleaning products, our proven and patented technology ensures that customers get a good first impression of the premises and further endorses their brand. This contributes to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and return spend.”

Pizza Hut Restaurants’ energy manager, Alex Wells, said: “We expect the system to save us in excess of £125,000 a year in water bills across our restaurants. HSG has gone the extra mile to complete this contract and has given us truly excellent customer service across the UK. The urinal system is working extremely well in terms of reducing issues with blockages and odour. In fact, following the initial phase, a number of area managers requested it because it has been so effective in improving the washroom experience for customers.”

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