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Improved laundry for care home

Published 7th December, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Improved laundry for care home

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment isn’t just a vital part of Pilgrims View’s infection control management procedures, it also plays a significant role in helping the care home remain a welcoming and pleasant environment for residents to live. High standards of hygiene are applied to all areas of the care home’s operations, and this includes its laundry facility.

Avante Care and Support, which operates Pilgrims View, recognised the care home’s need for a whole new approach to its laundry. This meant assigning budget to renovate the current laundry facility and create a brand new facility that would make infection control procedures easier for staff to follow.

The new laundry facility was an opportune time for Pilgrims View to install new machines and having seen Miele machines wash items to high standards at Avante Care and Support’s other homes, the business’s maintenance officer chose the same brand for the new laundry facility. The company arranged with contractors to reconfigure part of the existing building and utilise other areas to form a new laundry room. As well as forming better maintenance access, builders created a new walkway into the laundry room. This enabled a barrier washing system that allowed soiled items to enter through one area and clean items to be returned to residents via a different route.

Local Miele partner, First Choice Marshalls, had installed Miele machines at its other homes, and Avante Care and Support knew that the supplier could be trusted to select the right equipment for Pilgrims View. Not only did First Choice Marshalls install two Miele PW811 Performance Plus washing machines, it worked with the team at Pilgrims View to establish how the equipment should be laid out in the laundry to support infection control procedures.

Julian Oliver, maintenance officer at Avante Care and Support, said: “Changing the physical infrastructure of our laundry room was a big step for us. But we needed to make a bold move so that managing infection control became easier and second nature for laundry staff. Operating laundry daily, we can’t go without efficient laundry washing facilities, which is why installing reliable and durable machines that could be repaired with little fuss was a priority for us. Having seen the difference that Miele and First Choice Marshalls made at our homes, we were keen for Pilgrims View to experience the same results.”

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