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Ignoring leaves could be money down the drain

Published 27th December, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Ignoring leaves could be money down the drain

Falling leaves at this time of year are regularly blamed for everything from trains running late to people slipping and injuring themselves - but despite these unusual events regularly making the headlines it is actually drains that suffer most as a result of leaves.

Workplace equipment provider Slingsby, which supplies more than 35,000 products to all industries, always experiences a surge in drain maintenance products at this time of year as workplaces try to avoid having to call in the professionals.

Lee Wright, marketing director of Slingsby, said: “Blocked drains are a common problem at this time of year and cause nasty smells and even flooding. However, in the majority of cases these can be fixed quickly and easily, without the need for a drain cleaning company or plumber, as long as the drain is cleared before too much of a build-up occurs.
Leaves decompose quickly so they are easy to dislodge and clear. If the blockage is near the surface you may be able to simply lift the cover and scrape out any covering material to ensure it cannot re- block the drain. You should always wear a strong pair of gloves to do this. If the blockage is out of reach there are a wide range of products available in order to dislodge it. It’s also possible to buy chemicals to dissolve blockages but they must be handled extremely carefully and there are also environmental issues to using these in some areas.”