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IC Series industrial battery chargers available

Published 28th December, 2015 by Neil Nixon

IC Series industrial battery chargers available

Delta-Q Technologies has announced the introduction of two new IC Series battery charging solutions for use in electric floor care machines. The new IC900 and IC1200 industrial battery chargers join the company's IC650 charger to form a common charging platform for use across manufacturers' product lines.

IC Series chargers are designed for reliability to withstand challenging conditions faced by floor care machines, including battery-powered scrubbers, sweepers, and burnishers. Users benefit from precise charging of lead acid (wet/flooded, sealed AGM or gel) or lithium-ion batteries. The three models in the IC Series lineup provide 650, 900 and 1200 watts of DC output power, respectively, and all are available in 24-, 36- and 48-volt models.

“Delta-Q's charge profiles for lead acid batteries have been proven through their use by the leading manufacturers and our IC Series chargers are highly reliable solutions to meet the battery charging performance needs of floor care machines,” said Trent Punnett, vice president, product management and marketing at Delta-Q. “IC Series chargers are also ready for the future, with the ability to precisely charge lithium-ion batteries and customisation that allows manufacturers to differentiate their machines and simplify maintenance.”

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