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Hydro Systems acquires Dosmatic

Published 8th February, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Hydro Systems acquires Dosmatic

Hydro Nova Europe, the European subsidiary of Hydro Systems Company, has announced the acquisition of Dosmatic Inc by Hydro Systems, claimed to be the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing equipment. Dosmatic is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, non-electric chemical metering equipment.

This acquisition, together with the acquisition of Chemilizer Inc. in June 2010, ensures that Hydro Nova now provides the widest range of injector models in the industry. Not only are the Dosmatic products of high quality, flexibility and usability, the MicroDos, MiniDos, SuperDos and TurboDos injectors also provide accurate and consistent chemical injection despite fluctuations in flow and pressure.

This latest acquisition underlines Hydro Nova Europe’s continued commitment to keeping ahead of the curve in technological development and in expanding its existing range of chemical dispensing and dosing systems - thereby enabling the company to more readily respond to the requirements of customers in kitchen hygiene, laundry and dishwash.