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HSE Passport helps protect temporary workers

Published 15th February, 2012 by Neil Nixon

HSE Passport helps protect temporary workers

HSE Passport, the company committed to helping agencies, umbrella companies, contractors and host companies achieve legal compliance to current health and safety legislation, is calling on recruitment agencies to review their approach towards health and safety training for temporary workers.

HSE Passport, the simple and cost effective health and safety compliance scheme (for contract and temporary workers) is advising recruitment agencies to get their temporary workers and freelancers health and safety compliant prior to releasing them into the workplace.

A simple health and safety passport for each temporary worker can prevent timely delays when arriving on site at a new project and will also present cost-saving benefits to both the client and agency.

Guy Schrecker, general manager, HSE Passport, said: “If an agency worker holds a recognised health and safety passport card it presents many benefits - the agency can offer placements straightaway, the client does not have to hold health and safety induction sessions and the temporary worker can take the passport from project to project. If recruitment agencies make it mandatory for every one of their temporary workers to hold a health and safety passport, it will make life a lot easier for the end client, removing the need for timely induction sessions.”

HSE Passport ensures that freelancers and agency workers are health and safety compliant when they arrive on site, creating cost saving benefits and ensuring that all temporary assigned staff have a basic level of health and safety training for every project. The passport scheme can prevent delays in the commencement of an assignment or workplace project.

Agencies that use HSE Passport for their candidates will, it is claimed, be preferred by host companies when they need workers because the assignment can start as soon as the worker arrives on-site. It also demonstrates that the agency understands the legal responsibly towards the candidate in respect of their safety.

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