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How to redefine your RoI through smarter innovation

Published 14th December, 2017 by Neil Nixon

How to redefine your RoI through smarter innovation

Clients and cleaning contractors looking for innovative equipment and methods that deliver better results can now consult a new guide focused on ‘return on innovation’. ‘Redefining ROI’ is an interactive and expanding suite of cost-effective cleaning options, ranging from washrooms to escalators, and matting to high-level cleaning.

“Innovation is an industry buzzword, so clients and contractors rightly have an eye out for the latest thing in cleaning, but we can’t afford to lose sight of return on investment,” said James White, managing director of Denis Rawlins Ltd. “This interactive guide brings together a range of novel cleaning solutions chosen because they provide both consistently superior cleaning results and a fast payback on investment. Innovation alone is not sufficient - there should be a proven business case.”

Please use this link to access the Redefining ROI guide:

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