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Hospitals benefit from dust binding cloths

Published 17th February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Hospitals benefit from dust binding cloths

High-risk environments are reaping the benefits of the latest in cleaning technology, according to Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, which supplies products to the healthcare industry. It reported its sales of the innovative Masslinn cloths have soared as increasing numbers of hospitals realise the advantages in adopting new cleaning methods.

The Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire has become the latest NHS hospital to introduce the disposable cloths, which are used to tackle dust, onto its wards. Dust particles distribute 'invisible dirt' which can consist of micro-organisms and carry the risk of causing health problems. The Masslinn cloths are impregnated with mineral oil which catches the dust, minimising the risk of it being swept into the air and dispersed through air-borne movements.

Brian Boll, systems director at Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “Although dust is commonplace, many people are unaware of its dangers, particularly within a healthcare environment. Nearly all known micro-organisms are contained in dust and find their nutrients there, and because dust is dispersed in the air, bacteria can spread easily. The health problems dust can cause include asthma, bronchitis, allergies and skin irritations, and it can even become the carrier of dangerous infections such as MRSA. Binding the dust using the Masslinn cloths reduces the amount of dust in the air by 10 times and is a much more effective and efficient approach. Masslinn cloths can also be used on larger areas and we recommend using the cloths to remove dust before damp mopping, leaving floors clean and streak free. Healthcare cleaning products and methodologies have advanced a great deal in recent years and it's encouraging to see more and more NHS Trusts introducing Masslinn cloths onto their wards.”

Jigsaw Cleaning Systems has the sole UK distribution rights for Masslinn cloths in the UK and supplies to NHS organisations.

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