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Hospital combats bacteria following UK floods

Published 22nd May, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Hospital combats bacteria following UK floods

During the extreme wet conditions of winter 2013/2014, several patient rooms within a cancer unit at a leading hospital in the south of England were breached by water ingress. Following remedial construction works, a commitment to eradicate a potential threat from waterborne bacteria became of great importance. Bioquell's RBDS team, harnessing the benefits of hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology for room bio-decontamination, was deployed at short notice allowing swift turnaround of the affected areas.

Martyn Broadbent, RBDS healthcare specialist, said: “Through rapid liaison with the building contractors, we were able to form a plan for effective bio-decontamination of nine side-rooms. No disruption within the active ward occurred, with the decontamination carried out discreetly and quickly.”

The safe handover of all rooms occurred within two days, illustrating both the competence and the speed of Bioquell technology and the RBDS team. Challenge indicators proved a 6-log reduction to bioburden was achieved in each room, giving peace of mind to infection control staff that there was negligible risk in admitting new patients.

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