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Helping you clean up

Published 1st November, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Helping you clean up

In this article, Andrew Farrell, special projects sales manager at Makita, details the company’s new range of vacuum cleaners and explains how cleaning contractors can benefit from using them.

Cleaning contractors are under constant time pressure, with the hours it takes to effectively deliver their service under continued scrutiny. As a result, any equipment that can help to improve efficiencies is a valuable find. In particular, vacuuming takes up a large portion of a contract cleaner’s time, so it is worth considering the latest options in the field. Thankfully, new models are now available, which have been designed to make cleaning tasks as efficient as possible.

The best vacuum cleaners combine strong battery life with powerful brushless motors and offer users a number of benefits. In particular, brushless motor systems can help improve maximum airflow and max sealed suction. Makita has recently released a new collection of cordless vacuum cleaners all powered by brushless motors, the DCL280F, the DCL281FZB and the DCL282FZ. Compared to its non-brushless predecessor, the airflow of DCL282FZ is increased from 1.4m3/min to 1.5m3/min, whilst its suction has more than doubled from 4kPa to 8.2kPa.


Unlike corded alternatives, battery-powered tools are unrestricted by a need to connect to the mains, allowing for added portability. Being unrestrained from wires also improves health and safety on site, reducing the risk of people tripping over cables.

To get the most from your vacuum cleaner, look for a supplier who offers innovative battery technology. Makita's lithium-ion (LXT) batteries are powerful enough to complete any professional cleaning task. The new vacuums provide strong performance, with run times of 20 minutes for the DCL280F and 50 minutes for the DCL281FZB and DCL282FZ on the normal setting with a 6.0Ah battery. With anytime charge and long-time storage, the batteries make it easier for professionals to work for longer and more effectively.

The combination of cordless and brushless technologies make Makita’s new models up to 50% more efficient than standard vacuum cleaners and provide more suction. Ergonomically designed, the machines allow cleaners to work for longer periods without causing user fatigue. As well as being easier to use, the models operate more quietly and with less vibration. Additionally, each model from the range has been fitted with a LED job light to help facilitate use in times of low-light, or darkness.


Whether you’re a self-employed cleaner, or running your own firm, there’s little doubt you could benefit from incorporating Makita’s new vacuum cleaning solutions into your operations. With modern technologies like LXT batteries, brushless motors and ergonomic design, the models provide strong, reliable performance without interruption. For more information about the company’s range of industry-leading tools, please visit

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