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Helping customers save water and energy

Published 29th January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Helping customers save water and energy

Using less water is undoubtedly the most important way of reducing warewasher running costs. One of the biggest changes to warewasher design has been the reduction in wash tank size though this is not simply a question of resizing the washtank itself, but rather a complete redesign of the efficacy of the various elements of the warewasher.

The Nelson Advantage range has water and energy saving qualities. The machines not only have low capacity washtanks, but have many other features to compensate for the reduced water consumption. The wash and rinse arms, for instance, produce extremely powerful, strategically aimed jets that are very effective, and the body of the washtank is seamless and graded towards a multi-level filter so that debris and the dirtiest, coolest water are readily expelled, thus maximising the usefulness of the remaining water.

The small amount of water expelled at the end of the wash cycle is replaced by freshly drawn, hot clean rinse water meaning that once a load is finished, the hot rinse water is used for the subsequent wash cycle. During the rinse cycle, no cold water can enter the system meaning that glasses or dishes have the longest possible contact time with the hot water. This promotes the highest possible level of hygiene using a minimal amount of water and has a further benefit in that items dry very quickly.

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