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'Handy pack' size launched for cleaning cloth

Published 3rd March, 2016 by Neil Nixon

'Handy pack' size launched for cleaning cloth

Chicopee has launched Lavette Super in a new convenient pack size. The hygienic kitchen cleaning cloth is now available in smaller 10 sheet packs, in addition to the standard 25 sheet packs. The new handy pack size is an ideal solution when budget or storage are a consideration, or a point of display unit is used. The 10 sheet packs also come in fresh packaging, designed specifically with sales displays in mind.

James Taylor, director of product marketing at Chicopee, said: “Lavette Super is one of our most popular cloths used throughout the food, restaurant, and catering industries to ensure an efficient, hygienic clean, whilst reducing the risk of spreading bacteria around the kitchen. A single Lavette Super wipe lasts through at least 40 washes, which means a 10-unit pack can stretch a long way.”

Offering antibacterial properties and a unique fibre and binder composition, Chicopee's heavy-duty Lavette Super cloth is approved for Food Contact Clearance (FCC) by the German test institute ISEGA. Lavette Super is safe and hygienic to use in direct contact with dry, moist, or non-greasy foodstuffs, making it a useful tool in any restaurant or industrial kitchen. Its open structure guarantees superior dirt pick-up and efficient absorption.

Due to its easy rinse design and large apertures, the multi-purpose Lavette Super is quick drying and remains absorbent. It is also suitable to wring and re-use, with reduced odour build up compared to traditional cloths that are heavy and constantly left damp - becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

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