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Gum removal 'within six seconds'

Published 16th June, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Gum removal 'within six seconds'

Clemas & Co Ltd has introduced the Ecogum chewing gum removal machine to its range. The Ecogum is a unique machine that is worn as a self-contained backpack and can remove chewing gum pieces in under six seconds.

The Ecogum not only provides an excellent solution to removing chewing gum outdoors but can also be used on carpets indoors making it a highly versatile machine. It can be operated for eight hours with the use of one service pack which contains the consumables needed to operate the machine.

Harry Hamlin, sales assistant at Clemas & Co Ltd, said: “The Ecogum machine is very easy machine to use, being quick and effective at removing chewing gum both inside and out. It was surprising at how fast the chewing gum disintegrated especially as the chemicals used are environmentally friendly.”

The Ecogum is portable with no trailing hoses or trailing cables and is extremely quiet when in use. As a result the Ecogum can be used at any time removing gum with no mess in under six seconds.

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