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Gum-removal system 'transforms' shopping centres

Published 28th November, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Gum-removal system 'transforms' shopping centres

Gum-removal expert Gumwand has recently supplied its new machines to two shopping centres and the Olympic site in Stratford in a move to eliminate the perennial problem of gum litter, and significantly improve the visitor experience.

Chris Thomas, key account director at Cleanevent Group, said: “The shopping centre in Stratford, for example, had a major issue with chewing gum litter. People get rid of their gum as soon as they step off the tube, and instead of looking for a bin, they throw it on the ground. It was leaving an unsightly and unhygienic trail, yet to remove it had been expensive and disruptive. The new Gumwand has solved all that. It's going to be a world-beater.”

Gumwand is an easy-to-use, portable solution that requires no generator or trailing cables. It's hand-held and uses steam and 'green' detergents to clean surfaces in seconds - and removal is claimed to cost less than 1p per piece of gum.

Thomas continued: “We've tried most solutions in the past from floor scrapers, which don't remove residue, through machines which need special transport and can't be used while the public is around due to their size, and devices which freeze the gum but they are pretty ineffective. The gum problem hasn't been solvable until now, and we are excited about spreading the word. With its ease of use, Gumwand allows us to clean during busy times and isn't disruptive which means we can clean for longer and get better results. The Gumwand team has been very professional and true to their word - the product did exactly what it said it would.”

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