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Guidelines property restoration launched

Published 17th August, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Guidelines property restoration launched

A free guide to restoring damaged property has been launched by damage management experts, ServiceMaster Clean. The unpredictable nature of the British weather, veering from droughts to deluges in just a few months, can badly affect building structures. Fire, water leaks or malicious damage can also cause extensive damage.

If you act quickly and use a professional restoration service, accredited to British Damage Management Association (BDMA) standards, your building can be safely restored with minimum disruption caused. The guide has been developed by ServiceMaster Clean BDMA senior qualified technicians who carefully follow industry standards.

The guide emphasises the importance of acting fast following an emergency whilst highlighting the importance of ensuring the restoration work is compatible with loss adjuster and insurer processes. Dealing with fire, flood or building contamination is a specialised discipline which is separate from general building repair work. Businesses should look for a contractor which is a member of the British Damage Management Association, adhering to professional standards of care and codes of practice.

By taking precautions, many cases of damage to buildings can be avoided. Advice contained in the literature includes regularly checking for signs of water penetration in roofing, exterior walls and foundations and cleaning, inspecting and repairing gutters and down pipes. Security measures such as lighting, fencing and CCTV can help minimise the risk of malicious damage.

For a free copy of the guide please visit: or call 0845 762 6828.