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Grime dining: Is your bottom line suffering from poor hygiene standards?

Published 4th October, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Grime dining: Is your bottom line suffering from poor hygiene standards?

New research on customers’ hospitality experiences commissioned by P&G Professional shows hotels and restaurants could increase revenue if they improved their hygiene standards.

Cleanliness, often overlooked by business owners in the flurry of keeping up with customer demands, is in fact of utmost importance in building repeat loyalty, according to the findings. Based on just one unclean area of a restaurant or hotel, 63% will question cleaning practices elsewhere and 22% would leave immediately based on a negative hygiene experience. Even if a customer had an overall great experience, 66% would not return if the establishment had unhygienic toilet facilities. A staggering 91% of the 2000 customers questioned agree cleanliness is the mark of a good food or hospitality business. Indeed, hygiene is so important to customers that 85% agree a clean restaurant is just as important as food quality.

Top turn offs noticed by customers immediately when entering a hotel or restaurant are:

1. Unpleasant/bad odour (56%).

2. Dirty or sticky floors/carpets (27%).

3. Stained, spotty or dirty dishes, glassware or cutlery (27%).

Greg Elmore, UK and Ireland country sales manager at P&G Professional, said: “It’s understandable that hoteliers and restauranteurs are most likely to have the food and service they provide on their minds. But it is important to ensure the basics like clean, hygienic facilities on the premises are maintained. P&G Professional is committed to helping businesses capture the value of clean and delivering the best customer experience possible. By developing innovative products and systems that are simple to use, P&G Professional can help streamline cleaning practices to get the job done right the first time.”

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