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Greyland sales up 16%

Published 10th June, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Greyland sales up 16%

Greyland has reported a 16% increase in sales over the previous year and, coupled with bad debts of less than 0.15% of turnover, is on a sound financial footing to further develop its business.

“All the good reasons that made customers come to Greyland in the first place, we have remained true to, including low prices and an order to delivery cycle of only four days,” said managing director Richard Dyson. “We have cut nothing. At the same time we have been prudent in keeping our overheads to reasonable levels whilst investing in areas where we could see that any spend we undertook would only bring benefits to our customers, and thereby ultimately to the business.”

One of the most significant investments the company made in the last year has been in a new digital laser printer. “Many companies might have balked at the cost and put the purchase off for another, better year,” continued Dyson. “I know we nearly did. But then we could see immediately that the much higher definition of the new digital laser printer could only enhance our existing customers’ own label products without it costing them anything extra. At the same time it has proved to be an added - I might say key - attraction to new customers, so the investment has paid off extremely well.”

Greyland assures both existing and new customers that its manufacturing and warehousing capacity remains ‘more than adequate’ for the future and that planned new products in the current year will not impinge on the quick delivery cycles nor the company’s stock levels.

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