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Greyland: as seen on TV

Published 8th February, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Greyland: as seen on TV

Product placement is, after advertising, one of the biggest growth areas in media today. Some companies pay literally millions for their products to appear in hit movies in order to reach a global audience. So imagine Greyland managing director Richard Dyson's surprise when his mobile phone started receiving dozens of text messages one evening following an airing of Waterloo Road - BBC TV's popular drama series about a troubled secondary school.

It seems that quite a number of the five million or so audience for the show are members of the cleaning industry and some of them obviously couldn't wait to tell Dyson that they had spotted a box of Greyland product featuring the distinctive tree logo.

A bit of investigation discovered that the box - depicting an older packaging design - had most likely been left behind by a former cleaning contractor when the production was based in Rochdale, Lancashire. The now famous box was simply picked up by maker Shed Production's props department when the set relocated to Greenock, Scotland, and has since appeared in some key scenes with some of the show's leading characters.
An amused Richard Dyson not only quickly arranged to replace the existing prop with the company's current packaging, but also filled it with a selection of liquid hand soaps and cleaning chemicals. So keep an eye out for upcoming episodes and you might just spot Greyland soaps and chemicals in the washrooms, kitchen and staff room as well.

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