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GreenZone cuts carbon footprint by 15.8% per employee

Published 9th December, 2020 by Neil Nixon

GreenZone cuts carbon footprint by 15.8% per employee

GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services has cut its carbon footprint by 15.8% per employee in its eighth year of reporting to retain The Planet Mark sustainability certification. GreenZone’s total carbon footprint in year ending December 2019 was 90.6 tCO2e, a decrease of 5.8% from year ending 2018. The relative carbon footprint was 1.4 tCO2e per employee, a decrease of 15.8% compared to the year ending 2018.

This year’s footprint includes emissions from energy use in the building (purchased electricity), from fuel used by the fleet, from waste disposal, and from the production of paper used in the offices.

Steve Trew, managing director of GreenZone, said: “We’re delighted to have achieved the 15.8% reduction in carbon footprint per employee in this, our eighth year of accreditation by The Planet Mark. Starting our carbon measurement and reduction journey at such a low and focused base means that it is a very challenging task to continue to find innovative ways of cutting carbon year on year. However, with sustainable practice firmly at the heart of everything we do, GreenZone has, and always will, continued to challenge industry norms and operational standards to drive positive environmental change. Being able to demonstrate to our clients independent verification of the reductions we have achieved offers testament to the fact that we don’t just talk the talk, but that we walk the walk and act firmly upon our beliefs.”

Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of The Planet Mark, said: “GreenZone puts sustainability at the heart of its work, and it comes as no surprise to see its carbon footprint fall so convincingly, even as its company grows. From the products the company uses to the way it delivers its service, our environment is of core concern to GreenZone, and the results are showing. The company serves as an excellent example to all companies of how a committed way of thinking can deliver real change for the environment.”

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