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Green’R pre-dosed cleaning sachets now available

Published 21st June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Green’R pre-dosed cleaning sachets now available

Klenzan Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire, has launched its new eco-friendly pre-dosed range of concentrated surface cleaning products, under the brand name Green’R.

The Green’R range offers cleaners and sanitisers designed to be used for all routine cleaning jobs and where storage space is limited. The eco-friendly products come in pre-dosed water-soluble sachets (PVOH) that dissolve in under 60 seconds and include a sanitiser, tested and approved to BS EN 1276 for effective bacterial reduction.

The easy to use PVOH sachets cut down on the need for bulk storage and ensure there is no skin contact with concentrated chemicals. One small pack of 20 x 10g sachets equates to 15 litres of chemical solution, when dissolved. Once added to water, the Green’R surface sanitiser remains totally effective for up to 28 days, retaining its outstanding capacity to clean and disinfect without the need to be replenished.

Klenzan’s technical director, Peter Littleton, said: “Green’R provides a cost effective, compact and consistent answer to high quality hygiene in catering and food establishments large and small. Many outlets struggle for space and need an easy, safe to use solution for keeping things clean. Green’R offers a range of products to tackle every day to day cleaning task.”

Its proactive commitment to research and development has put Klenzan at the forefront of innovative, effective hygiene management and control. Well-known throughout the industry for its unprecedented levels of customer service, Klenzan works closely with its customers to provide the solution for any hygiene challenge.

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