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Green sweeper launched

Published 24th July, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Green sweeper launched

The Nilfisk Group has launched a new green ride-on sweeper ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in industrial, commercial, education and retail sectors. The SW4000 is available in battery, LPG or petrol versions and has been designed for low total costs of ownership. The SW4000 sweeper is gentle on the environment with minimised energy consumption, recyclable materials, dust control and a low noise level.

One touch sweeping provides for easy and safe operation with economy in mind. All functions - main broom, side brooms and vacuum fan - are activated and terminated simultaneously by the accelerator pedal so that no brooms or fans are left running unnecessarily when the sweeper stands still, therefore minimising energy consumption.

The Nilfisk SW4000 has been developed to limit the number of consumable parts. For example, the side brooms are not belt driven, reducing the need for unnecessary maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership. Side brooms are retractable and spring loaded meaning that they spring away on impact protecting the immediate vicinity and reducing breakage.

Maintenance is easy with no tools needed for broom and filter removal, and easy access to all components. Foam filled wheels add to reliability and comfort by not going flat or needing refills.

An optional DustGuard misting system allows for dust free sweeping, thereby improving the environment for both the operator and those that are close by. A high hydraulic dump feature ensures safe handling and fast dumping which improves productivity.

The retractable hopper can be closed from the operator's compartment allowing the operator to drive away immediately after dumping into a container. The comfortable compartment is easy to access, has an adjustable seat and provides an unobstructed view of the brooms and working area.

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