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Green sky thinking

Published 30th September, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Green sky thinking

bpi.visqueen, part of British Polythene Industries (BPI) plc, has designed a bespoke 100% recycled polythene bag for British Airways to assist the airline with its on-board recycling programme.

British Airways takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and through its One Destination corporate responsibility programme has set challenging targets to reduce its impact on the environment. One of the airline's aims is to increase levels of on-board waste recycling. In order to help meet this challenge, bpi.visqueen was tasked with designing a bag which could be attached to onboard galley carts and used by cabin crew to collect items for recycling.

Launched on short haul routes from Heathrow last year, onboard can recycling was extended to inbound British Airways long haul flights earlier this year. Prior to being launched the system was trialed and developed with input from cabin crew who helped shape the recycling process. Key to the success of the system is the design of the recycling bags in which the cans are collected. In order to fit within the confines of the galley area the bags were designed to fit the width of a galley cart and to be secured using integral tie handles.

These durable recycling bags are manufactured by bpi.visqueen's sister company, bpi.recycled products, which specialises in recovering post use polythene and recycling it into second life applications including refuse sacks, street furniture and landscape products. The British Airways recycling bags are custom-made in a distinctive green colour and bear the 'One Destination - responsible air travel' logo.

Gary Meades, manager environment at BA, said: “At British Airways we have a target to reduce the amount of waste to landfill by recycling as much waste as we possibly can. Working with our catering partners we continually strive to reduce the amount of catering waste produced from flights and initiatives like onboard can recycling make a significant contribution to this effort. Working with the team at bpi.visqueen, we were able to design a lightweight but highly durable recycling bag that blends seamlessly into the existing onboard catering infrastructure.”

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