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Green Planet Solutions joins 1% for the Planet

Published 2nd December, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Green Planet Solutions joins 1% for the Planet

Green Planet Solutions, supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning, hygiene and water products, has joined ‘1% for the Planet’, a charity which coordinates global companies committed to donating 1% of their sales to help protect the Earth’s future. The funds raised goes to environmental charities around the world that are focused on campaigns for clean air, pure water, safe food and wild places.

Green Planet Solutions has chosen two charities to donate 1% of its sales to. The first is ‘Fresh2o’, a charity which aims to reduce poverty and prevent death by enabling the provision of clean water for drinking and sanitation globally. The second is ‘Waste Watch’, an environmental organisation that advises, educates and supports people in making changes to their lives that will reduce their environmental impact.

Shaun Chatterton, chief executive of Green Planet Solutions, said: "The 1% for the Planet message fits perfectly with our ethos that if everybody makes a small change to the way they run their business, it can make a huge difference to our environment and the future. We strongly believe that businesses should be leading the way when it comes to increased recycling, reducing carbon footprints and safeguarding our natural resources. We need to be part of the solution - not the problem. Our Green Planet Solutions name describes perfectly what we are about - finding green solutions to protect our planet. This is why we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients reduce their impact on the environment - by using eco-friendly cleaning products, recycled toilet tissue and energy efficient water coolers. We are also currently undertaking some exciting research into developing a biodegradable polymer that will revolutionise packaging in the future."

Sam Jarvis, head of communications for Waste Watch, said: "We’d like to thank Green Planet Solutions for their generous offer to donate a proportion of profits to support our work. The donations will help us continue to support communities to become more sustainable, show children and teachers what they can do to protect the environment, advise businesses on waste and resource use and campaign for change. We are a practical charity inspiring and helping individuals, communities and organisations to waste less. For us, it’s about showing what we can all do to change the way we produce, buy, use and dispose of things. It’s about how we can encourage, support and challenge each other to do things differently. It’s about bringing people together to share more, to learn new skills, and to build strong communities. We want to transform the way we live so that we - and future generations - can enjoy life without costing the earth. Our association with Green Planet Solutions and the 1% for the Planet initiative will provide much needed support."

Candice Farmer, founder of Fresh2o, said: "Fresh2o is proud to be involved in the 1% for the Planet cause with Green Planet Solutions, so that we can jointly help to save the lives of some of the 5000 children dying each day from dirty water."

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