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'Green' cleaning is only a click away

Published 20th June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

'Green' cleaning is only a click away

Green World Innovations has launched an online store, providing customers with a straightforward online shopping experience, and making it easier than ever for businesses to convert to a 100% environmentally friendly, green cleaning system.

As the European distributor of the Tersano lotus PRO that produces stabilised aqueous ozone, Green World Innovations is now selling the machine online along with a range of cleaning accessories, allowing businesses to purchase directly and quickly.

Martin Booth, sales director at Green World Innovations, said: “Potential customers can now go onto our website, browse the online store, and buy whatever they need easily whilst current customers can reorder when their stocks are low. There may still be an element of advising new customers on which solution is right for them and our sales team will be ready to facilitate that.”

Available in two different capacities (6500 litres or 3250 litres), the Tersano lotus PRO is fitted onto a wall and a water supply is connected. The machine then infuses ordinary tap water with a stabiliser creating stabilised aqueous ozone that cleaning staff can dispense into spray bottles, buckets, or even ride on cleaning machines.

Stabilised aqueous ozone is claimed to be 50% stronger than bleach and 50% more powerful than chlorine and can be used to clean any surface. After four hours, the infused water turns back into ordinary tap water again and can be poured down the drain safely, without contaminating the environment.

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